My images find their soil in our consumption- and waste society. Packing, the external side of men and things, is often more important than the content, the inside. Animals are over-fed for consumption until they are filled up with junk, so that they are not eatable anymore.We even kill each other, as actually we can see it happens all over the world. We want to dominate each other, we want to govern nature, but on the other hand, we are so dependent on it..... 
My work is composed by found elements, carefully gathered ¨junk¨. I pick up what other people throwed away; I collect what nature left behind.All with his own past and reason of existence. Often people eliminated these elements out of their own environment (crushed, partly eaten.....) To this death objects I give a new life in poetic assemblages, a ¨still-life¨ Originated out of my vision on our actual society, parting from my belief that we have to handle the world around us, the environment, carefully. 
The proper story of the material, the essential evidence of form and the relation between these two statements are a very important point of departure. I am not pinned on one single discipline. I have to be able to work out my ideas. Once I use oil painting, other time photography will be the solution. Next work will have to be three-dimensional. 
In the last period, more ¨made by men-objects¨ enter my work.....the natural stays important, but things are changing. Something is joined..... in a natural way. Carefully industrial made objects, human figures, parts of the human body are added. I try to make people think, how do we associate with others... Nature and people go hand in hand, indissolubly connected in our society. A very important step in my work; confronting... Eyes that look at you, fingerprints, refugees, they come to life via delicious nuts and mussel shells. 
Moreover, all this is always brought together in a natural way.